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Typically an individual session will be 2 hours. The immediate aim is to provide an outcome within the first session. Hypnotherapy services include:

  • Past-life Regression
  • Body acceptance
  • Stress & Anxiety
  • Confidence
  • Self-esteem
  • Relationships
  • Getting unstuck
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A tailor-made program incorporating Hypnotherapy to help identify blocks and keep you on track. This can be arranged via Zoom or Skype; or face to face at our premises in Pretoria.
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TIR is a person-centred non-interpretive technique designed to reduce the emotional charge of any Traumatic Incident. The  techniques are cathartic and can lead to surprising moments of insight.
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Programs are multi-session packages using a dynamic combination of Hypnotherapy, Coaching and TIR in order to achieve specific objectives. Programs include:

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How it works

What do I do?

Hypnotherapy, Coaching and TIR


Let's find some solutions


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How it Works

Liberate the subconscious
sub-conscious rewiring
healthy choices

"I’m excited about working with clients who take responsibility for their own lives; who commit to their personal evolution and transformation, people who want to be better today than yesterday.

If that’s you, and you’re ready to take that next step, I can help you."

What is Hypnotherapy?
Hypnotherapy is a profound process that facilitates access to deep-seated, self-limiting subconscious beliefs; and assists the subconscious mind to “re-wire” or re-write those beliefs into liberating subconscious programs.

What is Coaching?
Coaching is a process whereby I facilitate you in the accomplishment of your goals, whether those goals are to change your career or get unstuck with some problem.

What is TIR?
TIR, or Traumatic Incident Reduction, is a non-interpretive, person-centered set of techniques designed to reduce the emotional charge on Traumatic Incidents, including Grief. Very often one or more of the blocks that we need to break through in our lives is rooted in some kind of trauma. And it may well be that that trauma formed a limiting belief in you or is holding you back from reaching your potential.

What are Programs?
Programs are multi-session packages using a dynamic combination of Hypnotherapy, Coaching and TIR in order to achieve specific objectives. Every is unique. Everybody's needs are different, The Programs are designed to be flexible to those needs.

Change those limiting beliefs.
Trauma and self-limiting beliefs can lead to self-sabotaging behaviors, which become barriers to successful business and personal relationships. These shadows in the mind often lead to frustration in achieving progress and evolution in your life.

You’ve performed rituals, repeated affirmations until you’re blue in the face, read self-help books, attended workshops and seminars and then you’ve been left wondering why they all had only a limited effectiveness. You see, these things are great, but they work mainly in the conscious mind.

Unless you change the deep-seated ruling program, unless you address that which is holding you back, you’re just going to end up back at the beginning.
Hypnotherapy, Coaching and TIR are distinct from one another, yet each one can be highly effective on its own. Used together they can be exponentially more powerful.

Each discipline provides processes which allow the subconscious mind to reveal those limiting beliefs and then we can start to “re-wire” or re-write those beliefs into liberating subconscious programs and outcome-based actions.

Our beliefs are the operating programs that run the computer that is our subconscious mind; and from them flow our perceptions, behaviors and experiences. Hypnotherapy helps free us from limiting beliefs.

Coaching relies on harnessing your internal landscape to get you to where you want to be; and TIR helps to reduce the sting of traumas you might have picked up and which might be holding you back.

Hypnotherapy, Coaching and TIR are facilitative processes.
None of us want to be controlled.
But all of us need help.
So you come to see me for help, but its you, the client who does the work. I’m a facilitator of these processes.

Outcomes are client-determined. Sometimes only one session may be needed. Other times, it may take several, in order to untangle different threads, or beliefs. After all, you are unique and complex, with years of experience making up who you are.

What hypnotherapy is not.
Hypnotherapy is not a treatment or a cure, nor is there any promise of immediate gratification. It’s a journey that produces results – results that help move you forward and break through the blocks that hold you back.

I can’t make you cluck like a chicken, and you will be fully aware during the entire process. Hypnotherapy cannot do anything that goes against your value-system, but it can help you change limiting beliefs.

Why working with me is a good idea.
I care. I know that’s cliché but it’s true.
More than that, I’m excited about working with clients who take responsibility for their own lives; who commit to their personal evolution and transformation; people who want to be better today than yesterday.

If that’s you, and you’re ready to take that next step, I can help you. 


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Who am I?

I’m a Life Coach, Hypnotherapist and TIR Facilitator (Where TIR means Traumatic Incident Reduction). I hold an Honors Degree in Psychology, 2 certificates in Hypnotherapy, 1 certificate (So far) in NLP and Coaching; and an on-going certificate in “Life.”

I also hold a certificate in Reiki and Swedish Massage, but do not employ these in my sessions.

I work with people who have something that holds them back. That includes:

  • People who have experienced trauma;
  • Those who are in or who have had abusive relationships (Narcissistic partners, abusive parents, sexual abuse etc);
  • People who experience grief, across all spectrums. This includes the death of a pet, for pets become part of the family;
  • People who have reached a point in their lives where they have a sense of “this is not enough,” but don’t know how to move on;
  • People who have reached a point in their lives where “something’s gotta give or something’s gonna break”;
  • Past Life Regression, for those who feel a resonance with a past life and wish to explore possible influences thereof;
  • Those who struggle with sexual identity or discrimination because of it (LGBTQI+ friendly);
  • Businesses who care about the mental health of their staff;
  • Other things I can’t think of right now. 

I run workshops on End-of-Life coaching for those diagnosed with a serious condition or terminal illness and for their Primary Caregivers.

My motto / tagline is “Practical Solutions. Rapid Results,” because I want to help you find some relief from our very first session. I’m unconventional and out of the box. I have 50 cycles around the sun.

I am well educated in Christian, Muslim and Hindu beliefs; as well as those who subscribe to the teachings of Ramtha, Abraham, Scientology, Rosicrucianism and Free-masonry.

I’ve lived in 4 countries, 6 cities, 2 hemispheres and I’ve had exposure to over 45 nationalities. There is very little that can shock me and always, always, privacy and confidentiality are assured.

I do not work with:
- Anybody under 25, except in exceptional circumstances;
- Rapists, pedophiles or other sexual offenders;
- People who only want to stay stuck but want to know that their particular condition is “okay.”

Sessions with me can be done online, or in-person if it makes geographical sense.
A 20-minute Discovery Call with me, is free. That way I can answer any questions and see if you and I will be a good fit. If not, I can offer recommendations to somebody who might be.

Oh, yes, I might also add that I actually care. I actually give a f#!k if you're in a hole and trying to get out.

Ba(Hons) Psych. C.Hyp, NLP Life-Coach, TIR Facilitator

Mark Davies | Hypnotherapist & Life Coach



Untangle the mess


Typically an individual session will be 2 hours. The immediate aim is to provide an outcome within the first session.

After the session the client will receive a voice recording, customized for, and based on, the client’s needs. This recording is no longer than 20 minutes and, because the brain learns through repetition, the client should listen to this recording every day for a minimum of 21 days.
In the event more sessions are required a structured package can be discussed. 

Eyes on the ball


Developed in conjunction with the client’s needs, coaching could be a once-off session to focus on specific needs or a longer-term structured package could be desired.

Coaching areas include:
Goal-setting and planning
Body acceptance
Stress & Anxiety
Setting boundaries
Getting unstuck
And much more. 

Group sessions

TIR (Traumatic Incident Reduction)

Whether it’s a hijacking, a mugging or the loss of a loved one, grief and trauma can be a massive part of what’s holding you back.
TIR is a person-centered non-interpretive technique designed to reduce the emotional charge of a Traumatic Incident. The idea is to take the sting out of the event, and hopefully, reduce the pain.
TIR Addresses trauma from:
Grief, bereavement, loss of a loved one (Including pets, who are loved ones too), Hijacking
Mugging, Robbery or Assault

* Pricing may vary according to individual needs. Contact me for a free discovery call, after which I can provide you with a detailed quote.


People say

Lisa Enslin

I gained immense value from my single transformational therapy session with Mark. He managed to guide me to my critical focus areas quickly and held me there in a safe and loving space as the answers I have been seeking for revealed themselves in response to his expert prompting. This, coupled with the uniquely tailored audio guide Mark created for me after our session has helped me tremendously in breaking old patterns and attaining my goals. If you’re willing to go deep within yourself to get permanent results quickly, I highly recommend Mark to take you there.

Lena le Roux

I have know Mark for a few years now. His open approach to therapy does not make it FEEL like therapy. It feels like having an honest conversation with a trusted friend. What more can you ask for?

Zandre Luus

Mark has an awesome PRACTICAL approach to helping me with issues I was struggling with! Thank you Mark!!

Melissa Enslin

As a skeptical believer, and someone who is generally able to meditate my own way through most trauma or unhinging experiences, I recently experienced a spiritual blockage that really got me down. Booking with Mark was entirely a last resort (because I'm stubborn, reluctant, but mostly self-determined). But what came of it was completely surprising. Honestly, I had expectations of what issue/s would surface and I was totally surprised by what came up.

When you've done your own housekeeping for so long, and cleaned such a horrid space so nicely, it is quite disconcerting to find a hidden grubby corner. No matter how small. Nevertheless, this meant I could confront it immediately, with the help of the audio; and not days later that block was greatly reduced and the way to light clear again. Really a worthwhile experience! I will go again. If you're stuck, don't wait. Whatever your issue is. It's so simple this way! I would never engage with someone whose own house isn't in an appropriate order either, so to Mark... thank you for being a person who can be trusted with this.

Chantal Jacobs

Mark assisted me with very recent, as well as unresolved childhood trauma and has taken me on a journey of healing that has led to the fulfillment of mine and my family's dream to start a new life elsewhere.

Mark was gentle, yet strong in his guidance and counselling with me and he empowered me to make significant changes in my life to set me on the correct path to attain the changes that I desire for my life.

I am still on that path, but am deeply grateful that Mark has equipped me with the necessary skills and tools to continue my journey to a life of contentment, peace, joy and love.

I absolutely recommend Mark to assist you in your own journey - whether you have experienced trauma or find yourself "stuck in a rut" - Mark will most certainly enable you to move passed that and into a more fulfilling life and state of being. 

Ledwaba Tebatso

Thank you Mark for the life changing session we had. Thank you for helping me breakthrough my limitation. You have unleashed the potential in me. You have stirred the courage, strength and confidence for my new journey.
Your warm welcome and ability to come to individual levels is amazing. I highly recommend Mark Davies, he is a force to be reckoned with.

Phani Yiangou Apatsidis

Mark Davies thankyou for your help with some personal issues, I was able to move through these, and release the old emotions, having more clarity and energy now!

J.B. Willers

I had a serious case of imposter syndrome (at the time I didn't even know what that meant!).
With gentle guidance Mark got me to that "o my goodness, duh!?" - moment, where he help me realize my self worth, taking confidence in my skills and use his tools daily thereafter whenever self-doubt creeps in.
He truly has transformed my opinion of myself.
My new re-wired self is a lot more self assured to step up and take on challenges.

Shirley Cunnington

I was ever skeptical if unblocking and TIR sesssions would help me deal with my feeling of greif and loss.

Working through my thoughts and feelings with Mark was an emotional awakening, purging and leaving space for the new.

Highly recommend Mark Davies.

Caroline CC

Mark is a rare find! He is warm, kind, professional and so intuitive . Any doubt or apprehension I had before completely disappeared after first meeting him. I’ve had two very insightful sessions so far and look forward to continue working with him.

I often find it awkward to open up to people I don’t know, but I didn’t have those issues with Mark. He seems to know exactly how I’m feeling even when I don’t know how to express myself and he’s given me great insight so far. Already saw progress after the first session! Definitely recommend him!

Chandre Venter

In 2022 I achieved my physical well being goals. I wanted to get my mental health on par with my physical health and came across Mark Davies Transformations.

I booked for a free assessment call and a very friendly Mark explained how he will help me in the sessions to come. After the first session I already felt a boost in my confidence. Can definitely recommend his services.

Manolis Lydakis

Early last year I had a hypnotherapy session with Mark and it was a very rewarding experience. Mark made me feel at ease and guided me through the process. We had a long conversation and identified the areas I wanted to focus on. He knew exactly what steps to follow for me to open up and explore my background to face the concerns that were worrying me and holding me behind from enjoying my life and develop as an individual.

The experience was surreal, mostly when I faced my younger self and realized how much I have grown since then and could look after myself as a strong person. This session still has an impact on me and has helped me to be more empowered and close traumas that belong in the past. Mark was a great guide throughout the process and will definitely have another session to experience more his powerful light on me. I am highly recommending to others who are spiritual and look for internal growth and healing.


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Hypnotherapy may offer benefits for many physiological, psychological, and spiritual concerns. It is NOT a substitute for medical diagnosis, drug therapy, surgery, radiation, or other conventional medical interventions or mental health assistance.

Proper medical exams and diagnostic evaluations by your physician or other mental health professionals are an important aspect for wellbeing. Hypnotherapy is strictly limited to the modification of beliefs and their relationship to wellbeing.